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■ osaka ikuno momotaro umeda-store
■ open 11:00~23:00

■ TEL 06-6151-1388
※okonomiyaki is japanese-pan-friend batter cake that is topped on various ingredients. Okonomi means "what do you like"  ,and yaki means  

" grilled" or "fried" in japanese, so this dish' s name means "fry what you like".
As the name shows,you can put various kind of ingredients you like.Momotaro
has a goog reputation for its simple tast.
 And Momotaro is selected one of the best okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka


 梅田ルクア店    梅田ルクア店
 梅田ルクア店    梅田ルクア店


japanese name   Ingredients    Price
Buta-tama Pork \800
Ika-tama    Squid \800
Imo-tama  potato \800
Suji-tama Stewed Beef \800
Ebi-tama   Prown \980
Imobuta-tama Potato,Pork \960
Ikabuta-tama Squid,pork \960
Sijinegi-tama  Stewed beef,Green onion \1000
Imosujinegi-tama potato, stewed beef ,green onion \1160
Imobutaten-tama  Potato,Pork,tempura \1160
Imosujiika-tama potato,squid,pork \1120
Imomix-tama potato, squid,pork,prawn \1520
Highly recmmend    
Mix-tama    potato,squid,prawn \1360
Modanyaki(Okonomiyaki with noodle)    






japanese name   Ingredients    Price
Buta-yakisoba Pork \800
Ikabuta-yakisoba    Squid,pork \960
Mix-yakisoba pork,squid,prawn,potato, \1300